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Three Springs is an old inhabited area named after the springs located on the campground property. According to tradition it was used as a camping area for soldiers during the war between the States. Many a rebel soldier spent the night here on his way South. Although Kentucky was a neutral State, there were many who were sympathetic with the North and the South. The planter who owned this land had two sons who joined the army for the South. Oral history tells us that this planter fed many a Rebel soldier traveling through and it has been said that a Rebel Post Office was also maintained here. Although he lived a mile North of here, he kept a farm manager with several slaves in order not to cause any suspicion.

A few hundred feet North of the main campground office building is a stone wall built by slave labor. There was very little of this kind of work done after 1850. Between this time and 1861 the plantation owner had a lot of trouble with the Underground Railroad. Only a half mile from the much traveled Cincinnati-Lexington ridge road, the planter had to keep a watchful eye.  Although there is no present evidence of slave cabins, we strongly believe that they existed here in the valley. The large wooded area in the South of the Campground has many large trees indicating that this land was never completely cleared.

Three Springs Campground was opened to the public in August 1969 by Harold and Helen Archey. 10402943_835557259807491_2972323833268024818_nThey may be credited with preserving the natural beauty of the campground.  They built a 3600 sq. ft. house which accommodates the bath houses and the office downstairs and a 4 bedroom apartment upstairs where they lived.  They also constructed a 25X50 in-ground swimming pool, and a large recreation hall.  They operated a very successful camping business for more than 30 years.

The campground was completely renovated in 2001.  New electric and water lines were brought to the RV sites, the bath houses were totally updated, two rustic cabins were built, and a small fishing pond was added.   Archey Hall was renovated in 2005, and horse stalls and a horse ring were  built in 2007.  Hiking trails and horse trails have been maintained throughout the deep woods.

The valley of Three Springs Campground is a unique and preserved environment. The balance of nature and the tranquility of this area is today a rare find. The stream and the pond support the frogs which eat the mosquitoes, and the bats also help!  The forest is home to some rare woodpeckers and in the springtime wild geese have a courtship  around the pond. All aspects of this delicate balance of nature is protected. Please join us for a visit to commune with nature.  The health benefits will surprise you!


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